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Client Feedback

I have entered the Ironman event at Sherborne castle – 12 weeks before the event which involves a 26 mile marathon as the last leg – I damaged my calf muscle and could not run at all the muscle locked and I found it painful to even walk. I knew that I had to either quit the race or find a solution quickly. Luckily for me I went to see Kate – she ‘worked’ on my calf muscle using various physiotherapy techniques, massage and combined this with acupuncture (I hate needles but Kate is very reassuring!).

It was not only Kate’s professionalism that impressed me but also her attitude of ‘we will fix you’ – anyone who does sport would do well to see Kate if they have an injury – she not only sorts the problem but is so positive, she wants you to get back into action & knows the importance to active people of staying active.

Thanks Kate – you knew how important the IM was for me and you certainly made the difference.

Tim I, Mosterton
Having struggled to improve my gait and posture following a hip replacement, I have found the expert treatment of the Mulberry Physiotherapy Practice of great benefit and I am grateful for the improvement to my hip. The Pilates classes are an added benefit and it is most enjoyable to work out under the instruction of staff who really understand how the muscles work. Thank you for your help and support.
George R, Crewkerne

Having undergone serious back surgery, on the advise of my surgeon, Kate was selected to administered physiotherapy and lately pilates which has enabled me to return to a very active life.

Angie C, Crewkerne
With Sciatica during my 2nd pregnancy, I went to Kate each week until I was due, and she consistently relieved the pressure to ensure I was able to sleep and move freely – a luxury at the time!

Pilates is something I am really enjoying in my second term – Kate’s teaching style enables individuals to progress at their own speed, whilst getting the benefits of learning in a group environment.

Kathy R, Chaffcombe

I had never done Pilates before joining your class and am enjoying it very much.   I have worried in the past that I might overdo exercise and aggravate my old back injury but with your professional background as a Physio, I have the confidence to be a bit more adventurous.  You make the classes fun and relaxed and I am really pleased that you have introduced me to Pilates (I have always gravitated to Yoga in the past).   I feel energised and envigorated after the 45 minute workout.   The icing on the cake for me is the siting of the venue – for a 2 hour parking permit (refundable in the supermarket), I can fit in your fantastic class and a shop in Waitrose which is next door. Bliss!

Fran P, Cricket St Thomas

My first experience of pilates and I have found Kate to be an enthusiastic and considerate teacher, making sure that the exercises were at the right level.

Gary S, South Petherton

Having suffered from recurring lower back pain for a number of years I was advised to seek the qualified expertise of Kate. Her knowledge and expertise got to the core of the problem and I now live life without pain.

Andrew C, Crewkerne